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Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
friday and let's send it over to scott smith to see what's up with the skins. >>> this is the verizon sports desk with scott smith. >> good evening. i'm scott smith. unfortunately the redskins don't exactly strike fear in the heart of opposing quarterbacks, even the rookies. in fact, it's quite the opposite. the skins have lost to the last eight rookie qbs dating back to 2005. they have a chance to do something about it sun against another fresh face, the eagles nick foles. the burgundy and gold has a new approach back from the bye week. they are looking at the last seven games almost like a new season. now philly while struggling is still stacked with talent which ought to concern the skins' defense, but what does barry cofield think is the biggest concern? >> the big play. if you let him hit a big play, quick strike and score that touchdown, they can kill you. if you force them to snap it again and give them a chance to make mistakes in the red zone, that's something we have to capitalize on. >> their offense will not change. it's going to come out high tempo and fry to move the bal
Nov 4, 2012 11:15pm EST
maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. >>> welcome back to the sports xtra. i'm scott smith. a month ago the redskins got a scare as rg3 was con cussed. sore ribs today, and got x- rays, and negative. smacked in the face by greg hardy. benefit with a roughing passing call. but these hits add up. he was sacked four times in the game. panthers credited with nine hits, which in all reality, more than that. in fact, even into the game's waning minutes, griffin was putting his body on the line, diving into ferocious panther hits, hoping his never say die approach to the game inspires his teammates. >> guys see that, see their quarterback putting it on the line every single play, makes them want to put it on the line every play. it's more about, you know, inspiring guys to go out and no matter what the score is, no matter what the down and distance is, we can make it happen, because we're the ones out there. i'm fine. i'll be ready to go. nobody will crush the fight i have in myself to be the greatest. doesn't matter what it is. i'll make sure that i continue to help my team
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
a rookie quarterback and figured out the eagles first year. this sunday. scott smith is up next with the sports edge. >>> nothing like agood hot bath. what if it's filled with wine? japan with a popar seasonal wine and getting the tub infused with the drink and even kids. the 3-d wine hit shelves every year on the third thursday in november. last year, more than 15 million on bolts exported to 110 countries -- exported to 110 countries. untries. . >>> good evening, i'm scott smith. typically, nfl defenses lick their chops for quarterbacks looking to give the fresh-faced qb a ball. not so for the fredkins -- redskins in recent years. they haven't won since 2005. on sunday, at fed ex field, they will try to snap the skid against the eagles young gun. nick foals will be making the first start this weekend. the third-rounder out of arizona received high prizefra- from-everyone, including the coaching staff. brand-new defensive captain barry cofield on why the skins have had a battle against the first-year qbs. >> complacency is probably the number one issue. the guy who you think is
Nov 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
. and fox 5 sports director scott smith is live with the outcome of the this one. scott. >> reporter: yeah, we knew one of the teams is going to get the win. today was really about two quarterbacks one well he was picked off twice and harassed all day. and the other one, turned. >> a -- in a career performance and perfect passer rating rgiii with the big are day who is starting to feel more like a veteran. let's go to some of the highlights today and rgiii, out of the gates looking strong and second redskins play from scrimmage and griin to young. that's -- griffin to young. that's a 6 yard touchdown. 7-0 first. in the second quarter now, skins and it's griffin faking out this trickery here. rolls out and find a wide open robinson and 49-yard touchdown completion and 17-3 burgandy and gold at half. third and 10 third quarter, griffin buying time and he is going to heave this into double coverage. moss says don't worry i. he got it. comes down with it and -- i got it. comes down with it. ive fromin 14 of 15. 200 yards and career high 4 touchdowns and perfect passer rates of 158.3. mike shan
Nov 10, 2012 11:45pm EST
to rich dunn and my producer. that's a bye week but we are still on. myself, doc walker and scott smith. have a good night.    positive it was dna. >> officer john corvino: i'm looking at my dispatch here, and there's a burglary that just happened, and i'm heading into the area. i'm going to help the other guys who actually got the call. 'cause the guy's on foot somewhere in this area, and we'll see what i can do, may be help them out. victim came home and caught the guy right in the act. he was loading things up into a suitcase. all the property, vcr, and things like that. so i know he's in the area somewhere 'cause it just happened, and apparently he really scared the victim. >> radio: window 32 sighted in the complex. 32, chasing the subject southbound behind the complex. >> corvino: he's upstairs? >> radio: advising the subject is upstairs. >> get up! right now! >> radio: lincoln 32, the subject... >> corvino: get on the ground! get on the ground! get on the ground! get on your belly. get on your belly. >> ah! >> corvino: hands behind your back! hands behind your back
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
nats are still making news. scott smith will tell you more. here's his sports report. >>> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with scott smith. >> after a decade out of the manager's seat it didn't take long for davey johnson to get back in the groove, his first full season with the nats one for the record books. to top it all off, he claimed a little hardware tonight. in a landslide vote johnson was named manager of the year. he claimed 23 of the 32 first place votes topping cincinnati's dusty baker and san francisco's bruce bochy and becomes just the fifth manager to win the award in both leagues. he won it with the orioles in 1997. with the way this team is set up he may be back in this position a year from now. >> this award is really nice, but i like more to the organizational award because the lerner family has done a great job, rizzo and staff. we've had great drafts. young players this year really stepped in when key players got hurt like werth and michael morse and storen went down and my catcher went down. we had a lot of young catchers come up and everyb
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
. scott smith is live from redskins park with your sports edge. problem in congress." bartlett calls medicare unconstitutional. and even wants to completely abolish student loans for college. no wonder bill clinton and the washington post both endorse john delaney for his deep understanding of job creation. he'll be "an unusually effective congressman." delaney: it's not about politics. it's about doing what's right to help the middle class. i'm john delaney, and i approve this message. . >>> welcome to redskins park. i'm scott smith. the head coach mike shanahan made a point to clarify the comments he made to the panthers. let me read the statement he said yesterday. when you lose a game like that, you're playing to see who is on your football team for days to come and mike shanahan saying that those comments were no concession at all and that the season would be over and looking at yesterday's game, drops them to 3-6 on the season. two critical plays in that example. a fourth and 2 goal. and that is a turnover on down. carolina proceeds to march 98 yards for the score, a 21-13 loss
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
below average there. that's your seven-day forecast. we will send it over to scott smith now for your sports report. >>> this is the verizon sports desk with scott smith. >> the wizards have a lot of new faces this year, maybe even to a fault. after saturday's loss to the celtics jordan crawford said guys remember forgetting plays, hard -- were forgetting plays, hard to win when you do that, but the wizards had the lowest field goal percentage in the nba for missing shots and getting plays. the rematch with the celtics in boston, wizards down 11 in the 4th quarter. another nice night for seraphin, 16 points. 83-82 wiz. final ticks down two chris singleton, yes, throws it down. we're tied heading into overtime where the celtics then took over. wizards are getting close but not close enough. brandon bass didn't get ahead of this one and the cs throw it down. wizards now 0-3 on the year host the bucs friday. >>> whatever the weather the mls playoffs seem to get the front. last week's storm caused the game to switch venue, tonight the nor'easter complicating matters, snow come down hard a
Nov 1, 2012 10:30pm EDT
. they plan to honor the franchise's history by taking a look back. fox 5's sports director scott smith is here with more. >> if you were able to endure last week's steelers throw backs, this week will be a walk in the park. the skins will unveil the team's 1937 throwbacks sunday with a modern twist. this is how they dressed back in the day, the same basic color scheme but brought up to speed. they even made anarch decision on the leather helmets. they will have a print on them made to look like leather. the team has been practicing in those helmets this week. past greats will be on hand for the game. in addition, 10 former steelers will be honored at the half, a list that includes clinton portis, chris samuels and sean taylor. the players are happy to show off the new or should we say old threads. >> very leathery appearance, so it's actually pretty cool. at least we got a facemask on it like those guys when they played in these type of helmets. should be pretty fun. i actually like the uniform, sort of statish to me with the colors the dark maroon and the gold is a little bit darker.
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >>> the redskins prepare and scott smith is up next. . >>> a lot often, the rookie voted captain and mike shanahan can't recall this and over the biweek, he was voted a cocaptain by the peers with cofield and boen. and joining the current, williams, london fletcher and alexander and hit refleshed and where he shent his -- spent his day office and it was not a familiar setting. he wanted to get his mind right for the final push of the sea soon and that he's hungry to lead his team to yes, the play- offs. >> this is one game at a time. you don't look to the future. you have to take care of what you have in front of you. what am i say something yeah, i think the play-offs are a realistic goal for us and i don't think that there is a guy in the locker room that doesn't believe that. >> they're a football team and understand we have to play that the second half of the season. they do regardless what your record is -- record is and you want to play well. the focus is on one game and that is selly. let's play the best football and concentrate on one game and do it that way. >> rg3 has 9 more nfl starts u
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
trip. >> let's send it to scott for a sports report. >> this is the verizon sport desk with scott smith. >> has been a frustrating it three weeks for coach randy whitman. after losing last night, he questioned whether his team grasped the game. they fired 32 three's. they hope to find their touch in the big d. but they judge fall into a big hole. the wiz awed' largest deficit of the season, down by 22 point at one point but interestingly enough come back and make it interesting. the game's final minute, martin and kevin sears combined for the final 26 point of the game. martin a perfect 42 for 4 from 3 point range. the too many again fired an insane. of 3's. chris cayman get the bucket and foul. 107-101 the final. they host utah on saturday >>> journell was without forward at yo forward. he is expected to return monday against u.c.l.a. hoyas fell behind 4-0 early and then flipped the switch, going on a 17-0 run. greg wittington with the strip. then the return pass. he slams his bucket home. the 6'2" sophomore to nick lubic for the jam. he had 13 points. hoyas cruising at the break. hoya
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >>> tonight, d.c. united takes to the road against new york in a win or go home scenario. scott smith is up next with the sports edge. >>> a young entrepreneur invented -- [ indiscernible ] this is the motorized vehicle suitle that take you from washington driving in an instant and like the movie transformer. he appeared on the show shark tank. -- tank. no word.  . >>> on monday, mike shanahan talked about e valuing. it includes santana moss with a concussion, jamaal brown tip and pierre garcon's foot. there is a chance they could return to action. even the franchise, robert griffin 3 needs an extra day and after being hit nine times. it's taken the fair share of lunch through 9 games and understands the frustration and says they will blame the coaching staff and that is the wrong thing to do. >> and that will say a drastic change will be made. i don't feel that way and that it's on us to go out there and play. regardless of what the coach calls special teams. we're out there playing and have to make plays happen. >> a trip to the eastern conference finals is on the li
Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
seemed prepared for the game of a lifetime. scott smith has the latest on georgetown skids, d.c. united and an update on john wall next. >>> eight -- . >> eight-year-old sam gordon is a football phenom and plays on the boy's youth football team in salt lake city and she's good. lack at her go. game after game. and all of the way to the end zone. scored 35 touches. running more than 1,000 yards. and 65 tackles. making her qualify to play for the redskins. today. today. [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clinic near you at . >>> tonight's weather will be cold and clear for a change at red bulls arena in new jersey. no hurricane nor'e
Nov 12, 2012 10:00pm EST
director scott smith is here with the outcome. >> bryce harper has always been an early blooming, only fitting he take home the award that honors that. tonight he edged out arizona's wade miley to become the first rookie of the year to represent this city since bob allison in 1959. harper hit .270, 22 home runs, 59 r.b.i.s play2012 season at the ripe old age of 19. the now 20-year-old is the second youngest winner all time, a month older than dwight gooden when he won it back in 1984. the 2010 first overall draft pick was a major part of the nats' record breaking season, but harper is just scratching the surface on his true potential. >> just being able to be in the names of joke robinson and mike piazza and all the guys that won it, just an honor and to be able to have the great team i played for the whole year, thrall made this year fun. this is just the -- this has made this year fun. this is just the icing on the cake. >> adam laroche got a gold glove last week. davey johnen is is nominated for manager of the year and gio gonzalez is up for wednesday's cy young. >>> later a marylan
Nov 4, 2012 10:00pm EST
and the redskins continue to come up short at home. scott smith is up next. >> cool conditions settling in. take a look at our temperatures. we are not alone. up and down the mid-atlantic those temperatures dipping. we'll have the details on what you can expect into the week and an update on that potential storm.  [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. heading into the holidays you look for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, get a super low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! and charmin is $11.99 for 30 rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people togethe
Nov 19, 2012 4:00am PST
nutter and mesa mayor scott smith. >> also the president is not impressed. the picture with an olympic star gymnast that's gone viral. what's that about? back in a moment. >>> it is half past the hour here. welcome back to "starting point" on this monday. soledad is off today, i'm brooke baldwin. >> i'm john berman. an israeli missile has leveled a two story home in gaza city, killing 11 civilians, 4 of them children. the violence threatening to escalate out of control. rockets raining from gaza to israel. representatives from two sides are in egypt for cease-fire talks but they're not talking directly to each other. hamas is publicly demanding a truce. they're calling on israel to bring an immediate end to its long-running military blockade of gaza. >> frederick pleitgen is live for us near the gaza border. i'm told you were moved by the israeli army farther away from the border. tell me what you've been seeing so far this morning. >> absolutely. we've been moved a couple of minutes ago by an israeli military patrol. we were only about two kilometers away from the border between gaza
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> this is the verizon sports desk with scott smith. >> they had the best regular in regular season and now have the most wins in the offseason. the nationals claimed a majority of baseball's top individual awards so far including three silver sluggers, a gold glove and new tonight a rookie of the year. who else could it be but price harper? the nats slugger hit .270 with 22 home runs, second most from a teenager in big league history. he knocked in 59 r.b.i.s all while playing last season at just the age of 9 nine years old. harper edged out todd frazier and wade miley to win the award, first rookie of the year in washington in 53 years. >> just being able to be in with the names of jackie robinson and mike piazza and all the guys that won it. it's just an honor and to be able to have a great team i played for the whole year. they really made this year fun. this is just the icing on the cake definitely. >> tomorrow davey johnson is up for the national league coach of the year. >>> to college hoops in maryland, coming off a strong debut friday, the loss to kentucky now behind them focused on tonight's mo
Nov 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
. it was heartbreaking. here's his report. >>> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with scott smith. >> just four nfl teams have ever started 3-6 and made the playoffs. the redskins have yet to demonstrate they can become the fifth. todaymaker shanahan said he has no choice but to treat each of the -- today mike shanahan said he has no choice but to treat each of the last season games as though they are a playoff game game. yesterday's game was chocked full of missed opportunities and undisciplined play with 13 penalties, a season high. shanahan's post game comments had to do with evaluating his team moving forward and which players will be on the team for years to come. told shanahan said he is not packing it in this season and he is not retreating from his comments either. >> i've never said any time since i've been here we're going to play young players. we're always going to play the people that give us the best chance to win. that's what we're going to, do never changed, never have waivered, but i'm not saying i gave the perfect quote and i'm not saying hey, you're looking in that. there's a bun
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
, especially when it comes to soccer. scott's got more. more. >>> this is the verizon sports desk with scott smith. >> nothing in the mls eastern conference semifinal has gone according to plan. hurricanes and nor easters have done their best to prevent d.c. united and the new york red bulls from duking it out, but with clear skies tonight in new jersey we finally got underway. this one scoreless. 69th minute red bulls keepy cooper one on one fouled by the united keeper ben hamid, furious, red card and ejected, so penalty kick on backup keeper joe willis. cooper step fires the goal, but wait. they call it off. new york was in the penalty area. willis money in the second attempt, no biggy, just strolls off the bench, saves the game. 89th minute, scoreless, united on the attack. threw to nick deleon. the rookie fires the winner ending 1-0. united advances, eastern conference final sunday in houston, two matches from hosting the mls cup at rfk stadium. >>> baseball silver slugger awards handed out tonight. the nats took home most out of all teams. three nationals won, desmond, laroche and stras
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
. more refreshed and more refocused. up next, a visit from the eagles. sports director scott smith is here with the skins game week preparation, scott? >> reporter: the biweek helped the mood in the locker room. the players were in good spirits after the practice. the time off helped them clear well heads. the carolina loss was a tough one to take. they called the game a must win and disappointed they could not pull it off, but a chance to do something about it this week against the eagles. robert griffin 3 wouldn't divulge where he spent his biweek and had to get away from the familiar settings. he went away. he said he is coming back hungrier for wins and lunch as well. i am really hungry right now, talking to you guys. >> i didn't say it, people. he did. eat fresh. i thought i was hungry before the biweek. you come back and realize how much more energy you have having that week off. getting away and not seeing guys, not that you don't want to see them. just to come back with more energy and you know everyone is looking at me to be the guy and make everything work. >> and over th
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
. scott smith joins us now with the latest. >> came at a good time providing three game losing spraek and gained ground without playing. the skins are surprisingly just two and a half games out with 7 to go. murphy was at practice today. your sense despite at record they believe they might have a chance to make things interesting down the stretch? >> reporter: yeah, the redskins are feeling good. they are going to get some key players back in the up coming weeks. let's run through this injury list. robert griffin iii had score ribs. he is okay. santana moss had a concussion . he is also okay. they both will play on sunday. brand an sounds opt mistake about being able to go on sunday. he would be a big boost. jamal brown is coming off hip surgery. did practice today for the first time. he's about a couple weeks out from being able to play in game action. and garson, he practiced today for the first time since october 14th. there's still pain in my foot. i'm going to have to deal with it but i will give it a go and be able to play on sunday. as for the rest of this team, mike shanahan s
Nov 13, 2012 10:00pm EST
. sports director scott smith has the results. >> it wasn't even close. davey johnson won the award in a landslide claiming 23 of the 32 first place votes becoming the fifth manager to win it in both leagues. back in 1997 he won the al award with the orioles. this last year he led the nats to a division title and the league best in the season and he's committed to one more year with the team. he signed a deal through 2013. quite the contrast from when he won the award with the o's in '97 which came the same day he was essentially fired by orioles owner peter angeles. so you can imagine a little trepidation winning it this time around. >> winning the division i thought i'd get fired and if i won this award, i thought i'd get fired. so hopefully i can live through getting this award and managing the nationals in 2013. this award is really nice, but i look more to the organizational award because the leonard family has done great job, rizzo and staff. they've done an outstanding job of the we've had great drafts, young players this year who really stepped in when key players got hurt l
Oct 31, 2012 10:30pm EDT
, monday looking good as well. that's your seven-day forecast. let's send it over to scott smith for a look at the sportscast. >>> the carolina panthers have the worst record in the nfc but programs they are better than the 1-6 record. the panthers were 1-5 when they beat the skins last year 33-20. a big reason why was because of this guy, cam newton, over 300 all-purpose yards and two touch downs en route to setting an nfl report of 14 touch downs by a q b. the report is now being chased by our own rob gert griffin 3. rgiii says he would rather draw a comparison with sun with a little more hardware. >> you know, there are a lot similarities. i don't know. i would rather be compared to an aaron rodgers, or a guy who has won super bowls. that's what the game is all b it's not about me versus cam newton. it's about us getting wins and us getting to 4-5 before we go to the bye week. >> deangelo hall is awaiting word from the nfl office to see whether he will be suspended or fined for the confrontation with a referee. >>> merry weather practiced with the team today. he has been battling through
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
for the redskins and that is as they enter their biweek. scott smith has more. >> reporter: mike shanahan's monday press conference wrapped up. though it was a biweek, the first order of business was defusing comments he made following yesterday's 8-point loss to the panthers and that is somewhat of a confession and shanahan saying it was not a perfect quote and that he is not giving up. he feels there is plenty prove and much evaluation to be made. yesterday, they fell to 3-6. the outcome was dictated by back-to-back series in the second quarter and redskins down 7-3, to steve smith and josh wilson. the 19-yard td and proved to be the game-winning score and redskins fall at home to the panthers, 31-13 and this is the head coach followed by his response a few hours ago. >> and to see who is going be on your football team a few years ago to come. we have a chance to evaluate players and where we're at. we're not out of it statistically but find out what type of character we have. >> when you talk about five games in the nfc east, we're starting the nfc east tour and to think we would play young pla
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
against the panner ands -- panthers. scott smith is here to explain. scott? >> fashion is a part of today's game. this sunday, the skins go retro. the team will wear the 1937 throwbacks. back then, they wore the leather helmets, which would be a bad idea and a leather print has been add tote helmet this weekend. 1937 was the rocky year for one swinging sammy bach and they get set to honor 10 former players on the team's 80th anniversary at halftime. in addition to welcome back a handful of burgundy and gold alumni. the throwbacks are one aspect of what will be a fun weekend for the redskins franchise. alexander breaks down the new, or shall i say old look. >> there -- . >> the football. and -- [ indiscernible ] >> appearance and that is, you know, with a facemask on it and when they played, so -- . >> and some fun. coming up short. >> it should be fun to go out there and this is different. i'm not going say i like it, but to me, you enjoy it because it's different and that is a smile back then and one day someone will look back at our uniforms and say they're ugly. back then, that is what
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
be removed from the protection they need to grow. >> what are republican mayors saying about this? >> scott smith the republican mayor of mesa is the vice chair of our group and part of the group and i think we all appreciate that we have to have a balanced approach. the good news is that we came as republicans and democrats, as mayors from big cities and small cities, all around the country. and are able to really speak with a voice that says, look, we want to be pragmatic about this. >> so you've got republican mayors in your group that are concerned about their cities, cuts in federal help that their own party is putting on the table. >> they all do. i speak for myself as i say about what just happened in the election but i also, by the way, speak for the majority of the country that voted for that. the republican and democrat mayors and the many, many nonpartisan mayors really stand up together to say that we can't just do this by balancing on the backs of local property taxpayers. a tax at a federal level is a bad thing. a tax at a local level and property taxes is just as bad. don't j
Nov 5, 2012 10:00pm EST
goes on to win. as we know, the skins lost to carolina yesterday. fox 5 sports director scott smith joins us to explain why this happens 94.8% of the time. i'm just joking, put you on the spot. >> yesterday was the team's third consecutive loss dropping their record to 3-6 on the season, but it was mike shanahan's comments following the game that actually overshadowed the game itself. the head coach said his team would now be playing to see who is going to be on the team for years to come, a comment many interpreted as somewhat of a concession to the rest of the season. shanahan came out today and said that's not the message he intended. he has not given up on the season. yesterday's 21-13 loss to carolina was a significant blow to the redskins playoff chances however. it was a game shanahan said last week was a must win. he will now use the bye week to evaluate where his squad stands in the hopes a better effort comes forth in the final seven games of the year treating each one as a playoff game and not a tryout for young players as some had inferred. >> you're going to find which
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
the atlanta falcons. kron 4 scott has more on quarterback alex smith who suffer add concussion in the game. >> well, fans and players out here at candle stick park really hoping that alex smith's concussion is not bad and that he can return to the field for it next week's contest. jim speaking in a press conference today says that he was happy with the production of capper nick. >> this was one of two different hits that might have cost quarterback alex smith to come out of today's game afterway through the second quarter with a concussion. smith scrambling to the sidelines just before turning his back takes a big hit from rams line backer joe dunn bar. that was in the first quarter then this in the second quarter on a fourth and one qb sneak he puts his head down and runs right into the pile there. doctors also say that that hit krouf contribute today his concussion. now, fans out here are hoping that alex can bounce back and even though today's game ended up in a tie they say they forgot backup. >> feel sorry for him. i hope he's okay, but cappernick got to step up. >> since he has a con
Nov 19, 2012 2:00am PST
and compromise. we're going to talk about it. mayor michael nutter of philadelphia and republican mayor scott smith from mesa, arizona. and, new numbers showing nearly 50 million people in the u.s. are living below the poverty line. you didn't hear much about it on the campaign trail. now a new plan to cut that number in half over the next decade. but los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa will join us for the details. that and much more on m.c. hammer on "starting point." >> thanks, john. are you going to be flying this holiday? we're all going to be working this holiday week. but if you are flying, step in line with 24 million other americans will be in the air with you. how are airlines preparing for the masses? we've got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look for you coming up next. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. >>> ten minutes before the top of the hour and nascar has crown aid new sprint cup champion. his name is bre
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Nov 23, 2012 4:00pm PST
the height of rush hour,. >> jon: jon anthony did i loren zoe, thank you. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. a new poll shows about half of israelis did not want their government to stop pounding hamas militants in gaza. according to an israeli research firm, 49% of those polled said israel should have kept firing on militant targets. 31 percent said they support their government's decision to reach a cease-fire. the same survey showed that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu's party has lost some support ahead of elections set for late january. but analysts say they expect the prime minister to stay in power. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt with the news. jonathan clearly not a military victory for hamas but politically does this make them stronger? >> yeah. and the politics of this are at least as important to both sides as the military outcome. hamas for its part is not just fighting israel. it's also involved in a linger-time battle with fat that, which is the party of palestinian president mahmoud abbas. what hamas leaders believe they have achi
Nov 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
halloween, i like to bring you a halloween photo. this is from brian smith and gavin lunscombe. i guess he typically wears bright colors. his nickname is schedules. there is scott bain and his son. we will have plenty more to share with the throughout the morning. >> i love it. we see a couple of people starting to get out and about our early bird like to call them. northbound 95 everybody is pushing north out of dale city, we have light volume here. a crash on 395 southbound by duke street. a fire affecting fourth street at north street. that also means third and at florida you will find a lot of activity. a roundabout way, they are wrapping up the construction. if you are near rte. 7 and gallows road. ridge road was closed each way. that is for on going utility repair. >> 4:11 right now. amtrak delivering service to the northeast corridor. they will operate modified service south of newark, new jersey today. they are hoping to restore limited service to new york city tomorrow. those who have already -- you can receive a refund or a voucher for future travel. >> city buses are starting to
Nov 27, 2012 4:00am PST
with murdering two teenagers who broke into his house thanksgiving day. byron david smith has admitted to shooting them more times than needed. >>> former space shuttle commander scott kelly and russian cosmonaut mikhail kornienko will spend an entire year aboard the international space station beginning 2015. their mission will be to produce medical information about long space flights, like a trip to mars. >>> and a rare photograph of the iceberg suspected of sinking the titanic in 1912 will be auctioned off next month. the photo taken two days before the sinking is similar to sketches made by titanic crew members. it could sell for up to $10,000. >>> now for a tuesday morning check on wall street, the dow closed at 12,967 after falling 42 points yesterday. the s&p lost two but the nasdaq gained nine. >>> in overseas trading this morning, the nikkei added 34 points but in hong kong the hang seng was down 17. >>> well, cyber monday figures are still being tallied, but according to at least one estimate, online sales were up 26% just by noon yesterday. all of that wheeling and dealing
Nov 20, 2012 10:00pm PST
journalism fund, with grants from jon and jo ann hagler, on behalf of the jon l. hagler foundation. and scott nathan and laura debonis. >> my name is brittany smith, and i'm nine years old. it's tough because my mom and dad are poor. my dad just lost his job. it's kind of hard for us. monday i tried getting in the shower, and it was cold. i put the hot on all the way and no cold, and it was freezing. it felt like shoving your face in a bunch of snow. it was freezing! the hot water shut off because we didn't pay the bill in time. it was overdue. >> so what's the next bill due? >> electricity. it's going to be $318. we just need to put roger's ass to work. >> yeah. >> when you see the flat-screen tv and the computers and our ps3 and stuff, that's just things we've acquired over the years, stuff that we've had before all this happened, like when we were not this poor. >> sink's broke. i don't know how or why, but it broke. and the cheapest plumber is, like, $65 an hour. i can't even afford $20. >> we lived in a farmhouse. my dad lost his job from picture perfect. he got laid off, and we got kick
Nov 27, 2012 2:00am PST
david smith has admitted to shooting them more times than needed. >>> former space shuttle commander scott kelly and russian cosmonaut will spend an entire year aboard the international space station. this will begin in 2015. their mission is going to be to produce medical information about the effects of long space flights like a trip to mars. >>> and this rare photograph of the iceberg suspected of sinking the "titanic" in 1912 will be auctioned off next month. the photo taken two days before the sinking is very similar to sketches made by "titanic" crew members. it could sell for up to $10,000. >>> and now here's your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." grover norquist as an unusual way of describing republicans who might abandon his anti-tax pledge to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> no pledge taker has voted for a tax increase. they've had some people discussing impure thoughts on national television. we would certainly highlight who has kept their commitment and who hasn't. >> well, things got personal between senate majority leader harry immediate and minority
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Nov 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
headquarters in boston. rich edson at obama headquarters in chicago. sandra smith is tracking key swing states for us. scott rasmussen has final polls and a prediction. first our company for the for the hour, former presidential candidate steve forbes and radio host and best-selling author, monica crowley. to you first, you're both conservatives. monica, who is going to win. >> governor romney will win the presidency by three percentage points and over 300 votes. stuart: are you being objective? >> i hope not my wishful thinking. over last month and a half i have been to most of the swing states. the energy is palpable. not something easily to discount. we have momentum on our side. between the economy and mitt romney's message and the fact that people are proactively voting for mitt romney, rather than just against barack obama me as huge deal. stuart: steve forbes, who wins? >> the last election i predicted obama would win by sizable margin. this time it is going to be romney, 3 to 5 points. that means an electoral college landslide. i even did it state by state. 321 to 217. stuart: wait a m
Oct 31, 2012 6:00pm PDT
cain around not a bad day for both jim harbaugh and alex smith of the niners. great that they are backing this giants team. >> very good. lawrence scott reporting. you never know. 49ers could have another parade come february. this was part 1, the parade, part 2 t ceremony. the soft spoken manager, this is a great shot. carried the new trophy out of city hall and set it on the stage. next to the 2010 world series trophy. >> lots of hardware. mayor ed lee handed a key to the city and a golden broom to the team president, a reward for the giants' sweep of the tigers. >> then the players introduced by hall of fame broadcaster john miller, one by one. the crowd loved it. usually we hear from bruce bochy. this is the team making history and sharing it with the fans. >> i thank you. i thank you for always being there. i thank you for never giving up. i thank you for showing up wherever we've been and thank you for making this one of the greatest moments of my life. thank you. >> we are the world champions. >> the ceremony wrapped up with a big photo shoot with all of the g
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am PST
years. you are not going to have this ginormous obama machine. the rick scott race, he has a lot more reason to be optimistic than some democrats think. >> adam smith, who will be chewing on these numbers for years to come, i imagine, and, guess what, i don't think it means florida is out of the battleground. let's not be talking about this. it's just a purplish blue state if you will. adam, thank you much for coming on. >> thanks, chuck. >>> our political panel will be here next. we'll do a little cliff diving and republican soul-searching. but first the white house soup of the day, there's no soup today because the mess is closed to honor veterans day. check our website, rundown.msnbc.c doesn't just . it takes some doing. some coordinating. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together. from the things that hang and shine... the things that sparkle and jingle. all while saving the things that go in our wallet. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get an assortment of martha stewart living
Nov 11, 2012 9:00am EST
their property, including smith property coming into territories owned by the entire nation. in 1857 in the famous or infamous red scott decision the united states supreme court affirmed this seven constitutional few. republicans, in contrast, said never. no matter the supreme court. republicans would allow no more slaves in any territory. abraham lincoln was elected in november of 1860. a month later that congress can into session and the put forth various compromises proposals. a critical portion of all the with the division of the territories. most often there was a proposal to extend some kind of dividing line westward beyond the louisiana purchase all the way to the border of california. , after this rather and 90 precious i'm going to get to my main topic, why lincoln rejected all meaningful compromise, which meant the territories . but they're must be wanting more . i'm going to talk about three different men tonight, one of you, one of you to have one of them all of you know. the other two are not so well-known. probably a number of you are familiar with henry clay, the greek
Nov 29, 2012 12:00pm EST
sick. up 873% since '08. expedia up 752%. and if you need a getaway stock, scott, you also need a gun. a man with a briefcase can always steal more than a man with a gun. ruger up 863%. smith & wesson 372%. >> i know you've been following ruger. guys, what about some of these stocks? whether it's the smokers or the drinkers or the shooters? >> why choose? guns, cigarettes, let's get going. >> sounds like a party. >> grab a drink, have a smoke. >> does the ruger dividend come with bullets? is that going to be actual cash? >> i think it's a thesis that goes beyond the developed economies. i think it goes into the emerging markets themselves. uk company. latin america, great company doing well. 52 week high today. >> murph, a trade? >> you have to be careful with the travel companies. expedia, pricelines. these things up 700%, 600%, you wouldn't want to chase those. gun stocks, there could be more room there. >> it's been a wild ride for gold. metal rebounding from yesterday's big selloff. its biggest drop in a month. with the fiscal cliff looming, is there a play to be made? commodities
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
'm christie smith. we'll tell you who's helping and for how long coming up in a live report. >>> plus the latest jobs numbers are out in just moments. scott mcgrew compiling them as we speak and he'll have a look and breakdown coming up. >>> and you went and did it. you made it to friday. we've got a great-looking weekend shaping up. temperatures approaching record levels. we'll let you know what that means for your city coming up. >> if you're getting ready to head out the door, we'll show you what's there to meet you along with all the other folks this friday morning. >>> taking a live look outside this morning, isn't that beautiful overlooking san francisco. christina sees the nice weekend ahead. you've made it to friday, november 2nd. this is "today in the bay." >>> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 5:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. the oakland police department getting some help this morning and they're getting it from chp officers. this as the city investigates their 108th homicide. christie smith is joining us live from oakland with more on what pr
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Nov 14, 2012 1:00pm EST
: that's very cool. excellent stuff. thank you, jeff. we love scott and his awesome projects. coming up next, retailers making big moves today. sandra smith is on that. and first, let's take a look at the winners and losers as we head out. the dow is down 110 points. nasdaq winners, cisco systems up 5.5%. and staples, of almost 3%. we will be right back. tracy: welcome back. the dow is still down 109 points. we hit lows while the president was speaking. the s&p 500 is sitting right at that 50% retracement level. basically between the eyes eyes of september and the lows of last summer. as nicole petallides and her guests pointed out, it will probably follow little lower. you could get out and buy. this leads us to sandra smith. big names like limited brands and williams-sonoma. big earnings. our people shopping? sandra: if they are going to keep buying the matter what. they are going to put all this into the high-end retailers. they are the ones worried about the fiscal cliff and the taxes going up. limited brands, victoria's secret, bath and body works, owner and operator. we have a sig
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
in the middle east and wondering if that will set oil prices higher? matt smith is an economist analyst for schneider electric and also from the cme, scott shellady. matt, a little surprising oil prices are weaker given all those concerns about what's happening in the middle east. what is happening? >> sure, well we've had this barrage of bearish data from japanese gdp to the eurozone falling into recessionary conditions and yet all the time we've been around this $85 level and we've been there since barring the election day and the day after the election we've been hanging around sort of 84 to 87, and the reason we're doing that is because we're being backstopped by geopolitical tension, whether that's from a pipeline in nigeria being taken offline, explosion in yemen, problems in syria, israel, hamas, there's all of these different pockets of geopolitical tension really just basically offsetting the bearishness in the crude market. >> is it making your job more difficult trying to figure out which is going to be the most important factor? >> sure, yes, and the thing is that you have o
Nov 14, 2012 10:00am EST
smith and ranking member conyers, as well as to my colleague, congressman coble and congressman scott who are managing the bills on the floor today. just five months ago i had the pleasure of joining the elected leaders of the virgin islands at a ceremony to celebrate the supreme court reaching a historic milestone. specifically, the occasion was to receive the report from the judicial council of the third circuit requiring the review of the virgin islands supreme court doing its first five years as required by law which authorized the virgin islands to create a local appellate court. the third circuit report concluded that the u.s. virgin islands supreme court developed sufficient institutional traditions to justify direct review of its final decisions by the united states supreme court and urge congress toe enact legislation -- to enact legislation providing the supreme court of the u.s. virgin islands enjoys the same relationship of the u.s. supreme court as the highest court of any state. today the house will take the first step in making the virgin islands supreme court just like
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